Kim Wheeler


Former Reaching Heights Trustee Kim Wheeler and family

My husband and I chose to live in Cleveland Heights because we wanted to raise our boys in a progressive, diverse community. The CH-UH schools are an integral piece of our commitment to this community. We can’t imagine sending our boys anywhere else. Our boys have both been nurtured and challenged in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School system, and that’s what every parent hopes for when they send their child off to school in the morning. The teachers and principals are like family to us. Our boys lives have been enriched by the diverse backgrounds of their classmates. They have made lifelong friends, and have learned no matter your race, religion or economic status—we all have so much in common. What better lesson can you learn in school?

I am so proud to be part of Reaching Heights. I agreed to become a trustee because I believe that the success of our public schools is critical to the success of our community. So many of our residents have never visited our public schools, and instead listen to the critics without seeing what’s really going on in our classrooms, and I wanted to be part of changing those perceptions. As a proud, public school parent, my hope is that more of our residents will get to know our students and schools first hand.

Kim Wheeler served a member of the Reaching Heights Board of Trustees from 2007 to 2009.

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