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The Reaching Heights Thank-A-Teacher program recognizes teachers and fosters an atmosphere of appreciation. Parents and community members can pay tribute to a Heights teacher by making a contribution to Reaching Heights in honor of that teacher. Reaching Heights puts these gifts to good use by funding grants to school-based teams for projects that make wonderful things happen for Cleveland Heights-University Heights students. We also let the teacher’s principal know about the honor.

At the 2010 Reaching Heights Annual Meeting, here’s what parent Temma Collins said in appreciation of Heights Athletic Director Kristen Hughes:

First, I want to thank Reaching Heights for inviting me to speak tonight. The purpose for me being here is to tell you about the contribution that Kristen Hughes has made to my kids, and I’m sure many other children’s lives at Heights.
For those of you who have raised or are raising teenagers, you know what hard work it is. When you have another parent, teacher or coach that can be a confidant, mentor, or neutral ear it is a special gift. And as you know, teenagers don’t always come to their parents when they need advice or answers. Kristen has been that confidant, that voice of reason and inspiration that has allowed me as a parent, as well as my kids to experience the great things that being a student athlete at Heights can be.

She has always been available and willing to help in any way for a day to day challenge or advice about college. She is at every game. Her door is always open. I don’t know how she does it. I have 3 student athletes in the Heights schools: my son, Sam is a senior, my daughter Isabel is a sophomore, and my youngest, Soli, is at Rox Middle. Sam has gone to Kristin for advice and direction countless times. She opened his eyes to opportunities he didn’t know existed. Before important games she is there talking to them about the moment and about representing Heights High. She believes in them as athletes and as individuals. This is not just with my kids. Her office is filled with kids all the time. Kristen embodies and promotes the best of values in athletics and academics and for that I want to say thank you and express how lucky we are to have her in our community.

Here’s a sample of what parents and students had to say about their favorite teachers.




“Thanks for being living proof that there is no such thing as having too much fun…you are AWESOME!”







“Thanks for all the innovative projects you have done – in the classroom, school wide, and district wide!”









“We are so pleased with the progress our son has made and for his enthusiasm for reading.”








“Thanks for being such a great teacher.  I really enjoyed English class, and I especially liked all of our discussions about the books we read.”





Congratulations to all the great teachers thanked during the 2010-2011 school year:

Pamela Adamson
Robert Adamson
Amanda Barker
Robin Barrett
Michael Beckman
Kim Bischof
Amy Bloomberg
Alexia Boyles
Molly Brunner
Virginia Bruns
Gerardo Castillo
Arthur Catalano
Stacy Cohen
Kathryn Craig
Joi Curry
Malik Daniels
Joellen Denk
Leatrice Douglas
Sherry Esper
Evelyn Fierer
Debra Freeman
Jessica Friedland
Margaret Friedman
Jennifer Gareau
Kristi Glasier
Patrick Gleba
Tamar Gray
Richard Gulick
Peggy Hull
Deborah Humbert
Michelle Jackson
Valerie Joseph
Lisa Katz
Norma Kitzmiller
Cristina Lambert
John Laskarides
Katherine Lawrence
Janet Lechleitner
Laura Lorek
Nancy Machmer
Kristie Marbury
Venessa McFarland
Patricia McParland
Julie Meese
Matt Meister
Bonnie Mills
Amy Miracle
Dianna Neal
Katherine Pahys
Lyndsay Peters
Jennifer Polanco
Karen Rego
Eric Richmond
Kathleen Scully
Carol Shiles
Linda Smith
Alice Stratton
Jessica Stringer
Tracey Tyrrell
Wendy Ward-Price
Sharlene Warner
Natalie Wester
Jerome White
Ryan Williams
Adrienne Yelsky

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