Script to Film: Friend Zone

Click Here to View The Video Titled: Friend Zone

Click on the image above to watch the first short film produced as part of the Heights High Script-to-Film project, Friend Zone. This film was written and is being produced with help from a School Team Grant from Reaching Heights. This project featured writing instruction from published author Bill Kramer. Students developed fictional scripts and collaborated with Jeff Glass’s Interactive Media/TV Production classes to turn their scripts into short films. Joseph Young’s movie is the first to emerge from the Script-To-Film program.

Reaching Heights supports excellent public education in our schools is by offering grants to educators to help bring great ideas to fruition. The grants make it easier for our dedicated staff and committed community to solve problems, enrich learning and solidify connections.

Grant programs include:

School Team Grants provide school-based teams of teachers, staff and parents up to $1,500 to implement an innovative project that addresses an achievement challenge. Since 1990, Reaching Heights has awarded more than $250,000 in school team grants.

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Community Connection Grants provide mini grants of up to $250 supporting school-based projects that build community knowledge of our schools, involve residents with students or students with our community, or engage parents. Our students and schools benefit from student, parent and community interactions that strengthen commitment to our public schools. Community Connections Grants are available for school-based outreach activities that strengthen commitment to our youth and schools by promoting service learning and opportunities for students to develop skills for civic involvement; involving parents and volunteers in school life; and encouraging community knowledge of our students and schools and promoting use of the public schools.

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