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Many Villages at Canterbury

Many Villages is celebrating its eighth year of tutoring support in elementary schools across the district. With the helpful guidance of Village Volunteer Coordinator’s and the gracious school-based teams, tutoring support has been delivered to over 500 children. On February 21st, Reaching Heights celebrated this work by hosting the 3rd annual volunteer recognition brunch. Volunteers give life and love to this program.. Their dedication, commitment and belief in the work has has proven to be a great help to the teachers and students alike.  A Kindergarten Intervention has been successful implemented at Boulevard, Canterbury, Fairfax, Noble and Oxford. The intervention was designed by teachers as an aid to support specific emergent reading skills. The foundation of the intervention is that each teacher identifies potential students who would benefit from ten minutes of 1 to 1, 4 times per week skill repetition. Tutors are working partners to support these students build the necessary skills to become readers.  Although each school’s approach to using the program has varied slightly, the program has been a huge success according to teacher and volunteer feedback. According to the volunteers surveyed, 100% feel that the program and their work is making a difference in the lives of these students.  The teachers have all expressed how much they value this work. Ms. Reynold’s a kindergarten teacher at Boulevard said the “Volunteers are vital to providing students with much needed individual attention/ skill reinforcement. Students love working with the tutors!  The volunteers are friendly and flexible!”

The volunteer recognition event is one way Reaching Heights seeks to offer gratitude for this wonderful work. Traditionally each school does their own event closer to the end of the year. Gathering many of the volunteers from across the district is nice because it give them a glimpse of how this program is like a quilt where each school unit is uniquely different but operates together to support so many children in our schools.

We are always  looking for enthusiastic, committed individuals, church and/or university groups who can commit per semester to volunteering as much as 1 hour 1 day a week or as much as 2 hours 4 days a week. Our main focus is K-3rd grade literacy. However, we do need math, science support also. Across the spectrum of learning, we need and want your help.

Orientation and training traditionally begin in late September or early October but give us a call and we can work with your schedule.  The only experience necessary is a positive attitude, a dedicated desire to serve and a healthy dedication to supporting children in their educational journeys.

Here is more of what our teachers have had to say about Many Villages:

” We not only see results with the students academically growing but having an adult one-on-one who takes time to care is a priceless gift.”  

 “We are so grateful for all the support ans work by the volunteers! They make a difference not only in achievement but in building relationships as well!”

“This program is the reason our reading scores were so high this year.”

Public schools, need and deserve public support. And it is true that it takes a village to raise a child. Please consider being a part of ours. Give us a call at 216.932.5110 for more information about this much-loved program.

The rewards will last a lifetime!!

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