2013 Spelling Bee

Please join us at 7 pm on April 17, 2013, at the Cleveland Heights High School auditorium for the 22nd annual Reaching Heights Adult Community Spelling Bee. Each year since 1992, Reaching Heights has sponsored a community spelling bee for adults. Three-person teams pay $500 to enter the bee. Proceeds from this friendly competition – nearly $300,000 to date - have supported educational excellence in the Heights schools.

Up to 24 teams can compete. All kinds of teams find their way to the stage at Heights High – teachers, lawyers, librarians, local merchants, musicians, elected officials, developers, PTA-sponsored parent-teacher teams and church and university affiliated spellers. Loud cheering sections add to the festivities.

If you’re interested in putting a team together, call us at 216-932-.5110 or email patrick@reachingheights.org

Instructions for Bee spellers are here.

Bee rules are here.


Roster of Spelling Bee Champions

2011 Reaching Heights Spelling Bee Champions Beth Woodside, Kathleen Collins, and Lisa Boyko


1. O.O.P.S.A.L.A. (Orchestral Orthographers Publicly Support Annoyingly Lengthy Acronyms), Beth Woodside, Kathleen Collins, Lisa Boyko, representing The Cleveland Orchestra
2. (tie) Masked Morphemes (Jackie Kerzner, Kathy Soltis, and Ranelle Huber), representing PTAs from Noble, Oxford, and Monticello Middle schools;
Barratrous Orthographers (Becky Bynum, Bonnie Bealer, and John Lazzaretti) from the law firm of Squire Sanders.

2010 (tie)

1. O.O.P.S.A.L.A. (Orchestral Orthographers Publicly Support Annoyingly Lengthy Acronyms)
1. Barratrous Orthographers (Squire, Sanders, & Dempsey)

1. Know Knothings (Heights High PCC)
2. Thompson Hine LLP

1. Upper Case
2. SMRT Team

1. O.O.P.S – Orchestra Orthographers
Prognosticate Success
2. Upper Case
3. St. Paul’s Episcospellians

1. O.O.P.S – Orchestra Orthographers
Prognosticate Success
2. Canterbury Can-Do Spellers, CIVILITY,
St. Paul’s, Coventry Word Outlaws (tie)

1. Can-Do Spellers, Thompson Hine (tie)
3. City-School Connection, RoxFairRox (tie)

1. Noble PTA
2. Spellers of Note of CIM,
Oblique Asymptotes of JCU (tie)

1. City-School Connection
2. Thompson Hine
3. Plymouth Rocks

1. Noble PTA
2. Heights PTSA Spellbound
3. Programmars

1. City-School Connection
2. RoxFairRox
3. Forest Hill Church

1. Programmars
2. Mayfield JCC Spell-Chiks
3. Boulevard PTA

1. Oblique Asymptotes of JCU
2. CH Teachers Union
3. Three Women and a Dictionary

1. CH Teachers Union
2. Squire, Sanders & Dempsey
3. Boulevard PTA

1. CH Teachers Union
2. CH-UH Library
3. Thompson, Hine & Flory
Forest Hill Church (tie)

1. CH-UH Library
2. RoxSpellers
3. CH Teachers Union

1. Roxboro Middle PTA
2. CH Office on Aging
3. Forest Hill Church

1. Meridia Huron
2. Heights Area Project
3. Heights Soccer Parents

1. Forest Hill Church
2. Boulevard PTA
3. Squire, Sanders & Dempsey

1. Literary Heights
2. Boulevard PTA
Forest Hill Church (tie)

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