Financial Statements and Annual Reports

Reaching Heights is an independent non-profit organization registered under section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code. We mobilize community resources to foster highly valued public schools that provide a successful education to every student in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights public schools. In 2007, we changed the start of our fiscal year from January 1 to August 1, to more closely align it with our programming and fundraising cycles. Here are links to more information about our organization:



Internal Revenue Service Tax-Exempt Determination


Federal Form 99o Filings


Audited Financial Statements


Annual Reports

2010-11 Reaching Heights Year in Review



2009 Reaching Heights Annual Report



2008 Reaching Heights Annual Report



2007 Reaching Heights Seven-Month Report



If you’d like to read earlier reports, contact us at or by phone at 216.932.5110.

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