Many Villages is celebrating its 13th year of tutoring support in schools across the district. With the helpful guidance of Village Volunteer Coordinators and the school-based teams, tutoring support has been delivered to over 1000 children. Volunteers assist in a variety of ways from practicing pre-reading skills with kindergartners, to reviewing math skills, to partnering with the National Honor Society in the high school.


Each year since 1992, Reaching Heights has sponsored a community spelling bee for adult and high school teams. Three-person teams pay $500 to enter the bee. 


Up to 24 teams can compete. All kinds of teams find their way to the stage at Heights High – teachers, lawyers, librarians, local merchants, musicians, elected officials, developers, PTA-sponsored parent-teacher teams and church and university affiliated spellers. Loud cheering sections add to the festivities.

This year's Spelling Bee is Wednesday, April 18 at 7:00 pm at Heights High.


The Reaching Heights Role Models Program began in 2012, inspired by the work of Dr. Ron Ferguson, Director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University. 

Speakers visit 5th grade classrooms to describe how their education, first jobs, careers, choices and challenges have been relevant to their lives. The hope is that children will better understand the relevance of their education, the value of persistence and tenacity, and the possibility of overcoming obstacles to lead a successful and satisfying life. 



The Reaching Heights Thank-A-Teacher program recognizes teachers and fosters an atmosphere of appreciation.


Parents and community members can pay tribute to a Heights teacher, coach, bus driver, principal, secretary, lunch aide, custodian, or school volunteer by making a $10 contribution to Reaching Heights in honor of that teacher.


Reaching Heights puts these gifts to good use by funding grants to school-based teams for projects that make wonderful things happen for Cleveland Heights-University Heights students.

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Reaching Heights Office: 

2843 Washington Blvd.

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