Many Villages Academic In-school Tutoring program began to support the academic needs within our 7 elementary schools. 

Site-based tutoring teams work with our volunteer cordinators to design, implement and support a tutoring model that meets the needs of each school community. Every year new volunteers are needed for this measurably successful program. It is a wonderful opportunity to support teachers and help with student achievement. ​

Role Models is Inspired by the work of Dr. Ron Ferguson, director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University our 5th grade speakers bureau began. Ferguson suggested that one step schools could take to bridge the achievement gap is to bring adults into the classroom who are satisfied with their lives.

Different speakers visit to talk about their personal and professional journeys to expose 

students to "a whole menu of possible selves."

Community Care Teams (CCT) are the centers of service in each school that consist of individuals/groups that support each of our schools.  Each team works at the discretion of district and building leadership. Working to achieve goals together makes sense, since we have a better chance of success, if we work together. A great deal of discovery took place during the 1st year, where the goal was to simply meet and learn.


Exceptional Children's Advocacy Group (ECAG)

is parents/caregivers, community members concerned for those living with disabilities. ECAG formed as a working group to provide/gain a better under- standing, broader community and improved outcomes for individuals living with disabilities in Cleveland Heights-University Heights. Meetings are open and held monthly. Parent Mentor, Amy Kerr-Jung joined the RH staff to provide direct support and guidance to families who are navigating the special education system. 

Proud & Grateful Heights Tigers

The CH-UH administrators and school staff work continuously to bolster the educational experience and academic success of each of its students. While there are always ways to improve schools, there is also much to celebrate. Please share your statements of pride and gratitude about the Cleveland Heights-University Heights public schools here. These statements will be compiled and shared on the Reaching Heights website, facebook page, and other media to spread positive statements about the dedication, effort, supportive community, and accomplishments of the students and staff of the CH-UH public schools.


​This program offers an opportunity to recognize individual teachers, aids, administrators, coaches, counselors and other caring individuals that make each school day a success. ​Please visit the Thank-a-Teacher page to submit a donation and words of gratitude and then that individual will recieve a card and public recognition of the kind words that have been expressed.


Music & the Arts

​Cleveland Heights - University Heights schools have a proud tradition of strong instrumental and vocal music programs. Our schools offer students a variety of artistic opportunities to explore, including visual, digital and theatrical arts. We believe the arts undeniably enrich the educational experience, so we actively seek ways to support our schools. We offer the Patti-Jackson Music Lesson Scholarship, Summer Music Camp and every four years we bring our community together for Reaching Musical Heights at the historic Severance Hall. 


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Reaching Heights Office: 

2843 Washington Blvd.

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