Role Models 5th Grade Speakers Series


The Reaching Heights Role Models Program began in 2012, inspired by the work of Dr. Ron Ferguson, Director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University. Ferguson suggested that one step schools could take to bridge the achievement gap is to bring adults into the classroom who are satisfied with their lives. Fifth grade is suggested as a particularly effective time developmentally for students to hear speakers talk about their personal and professional journeys and expose students to "a whole menu of possible selves."


Speakers describe how their education, first jobs, careers, choices and challenges have been relevant to their lives. The hope is that children will better understand the relevance of their education, the value of persistence and tenacity, and the possibility of overcoming obstacles to lead a successful and satisfying life. The ultimate goal of the program is to broaden students exposure to the options available to them and build students' confidence that they can affect the trajectory of their lives in a positive, productive, and personally satisfying direction.



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