December 14, 2017

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Summer Music Camp Finale Concert was Impressive

July 2, 2019

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Heights Library Board Decides to Buy Coventry Peace Campus - Statement from Current Tenants of the Coventry Building

When we set out on the path to preserve the Coventry arts/community center and playground as a unified campus, we knew that we were asking everyone in the community to take a leap of faith. Collectively, we spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours researching every angle and building our case, but we knew that in the end, we needed every stakeholder to buy into a vision for something new and bold. There is no roadmap to get there, we’re still finding our way.


But we will be eternally grateful to the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library’s board of trustees and executive director, Nancy Levin, for hearing us out, for asking questions that have helped us sharpen our focus, and for joining us on the journey. We are inspired by the overwhelming amount of support we have received from local residents, and look forward to developing a partnership with the Library that will build upon what is already viewed as important community assets. Together we are committed to being steadfast stewards of the park, playground and organizations that call Coventry PEACE Campus home.


To quote a saying that has been making the rounds in our group as of late, “This is only the end of the beginning”. There is much work ahead, and it will require the experience of the library, the vision of our organizations, and the heart of the community, but what is known is that each of us are ready for the challenge.


Our deepest gratitude to all who helped us get to this important step. In addition to the Library Board and staff, and local residents, we are grateful to the Cleveland Heights City Council and staff (City of Cleveland Heights, Ohio - City Hall), and the CH-UH Board of Education (Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District) who all found a way to come together to make this a win-win for all the stakeholders. We also want to acknowledge the hard work of the following volunteers and organizations who have put countless volunteer hours and resources into this effort over the last 8 months.


Coventry P.E.A.C.E. (Playground)
Ensemble Theatre - Celeste Cosentino and Martino Cosentino
Family Connections - Joanne Federman and Terry Moore
Lake Erie Ink - Amy Rosenbluth
FutureHeights - Deanna Bremer Fisher
Reaching Heights - Krista Hawthorne
Artful Cleveland - Shannon Morris
Lee Chilcote
Paul Volpe
Frank W. Lewis
Jack Valancy
Ray Gonzalez
Ian Hinz
Brady Dindia

For further reading, please click on the accompanying story from the Heights Observer, or any of the other links below.…/heights-libraries-votes-to……/ch-uh_library_board_votes_to_b.h……/heights-libraries-buying-coventry-peace……/

Photo credit: Jack Valancy



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