Krista Hawthorne, Executive Director of Reaching Heights congratulates Dewey's Decimators representing the Friends of the Heights Libraries. 
L to R: Krista Hawthorne, Chris Mentrek, Victor Rosenberg, Susan Beatty, and Nancy Levin, Director of Heights Libraries.

In Round 7 there were 3 teams left on stage at the Reaching Heights Community Spelling Bee held on April 19, 2017 at Cleveland Heights High School: the Noble Queen Bees, representing teachers at Noble Elementary School; the Coventry Word Outlaws, representing Mac Back’s Books, Camp Firebird/Roosevelt, and the non-profits in the Coventry Building; and Dewey’s Decimators, representing the Friends of the Heights Libraries. Adorned in wide brimmed hats, sunglasses, and feather boas, the Noble Queen Bees misspelled “coprolalia.” Next the Coventry Word Outlaws dressed like outlaws in the old West with stuffed toy horses misspelled “apocope.” Dewey’s Decimators, with spellers Victor Rosenberg, Susan Beatty, and Chris Mentrek wearing green hard hats, won it all when they correctly spelled “inveigle,” which means to entice or win over by wiles.


The winning team received the Big Plastic Bee trophy to display proudly at the Main Library for a year, and each of the team members took home gift certificates to the Blossom Music Festival and Dewey’s Pizza on Lee Road. The Noble Teams’ fans won the Best Cheering Section Prize, and the Fundraising Champion again this year for collecting more than $1,000 was Upper Case, the team representing Case Western Reserve University.


It was a wonderful evening that included music from Broken Strings, a student violin duet that played during the Pre-Bee Spellers Dinner, the Heights High Marching Band drummers who led the parade of spellers into the auditorium, and the Heights High Barbershoppers who sang at the 4th Round break.

Phairphax Spellerz Win 25th

Reaching Heights Community Spelling Bee!

Krista Hawthorne, Director of Reaching Heights presents the Spelling Bee Trophy to the Phairphax Spellerz, at the 25th Reaching Heights Spelling Bee held on April 20, 2016 at Heights High (Wiley Campus). 

The 2016 Reaching Heights Adult Community Spelling Bee came to an exciting finish in round 9 when Phairphax Spellerz, Kate Macleod, Julie Powell, and Kirsten Parkinson, representing Fairfax Elementary School, correctly spelling “perovskite.” Perovskite is a mineral consisting of an oxide of calcium, titanium, and rare earth elements.


The competition started strong with a perfect first round in which every team spelled their first word correctly.  All but 2 of the original 21 teams held on through Round 3, the Musical Round, a new addition this year, when spellers could be excused for one incorrect, missing or extra letter if they sang the spelling of their word.  In rounds 4 and 5 a total of 11 teams misspelled their words and left the stage. Six more teams fell in Rounds 6 and 7 and then there were the final 3: OOPS, 4 time previous winners, representing the Cleveland Orchestra; Rox Rocks!, representing Roxboro Elementary and Middle Schools; and the Phairphax Spellerz, who ultimately won the coveted bee trophy.


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