Reaching Heights is a citizen voice for public education and a resource for the students and educators of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights public schools. We exist because we know our students deserve the best education possible. We also know that the success of our schools is everybody's business and that  successful schools are a critical part of successful communities.


Our work has three areas of focus:

  • Teaching & Learning

  • Music and the Arts Support

  • Community Engagement


Six guiding principles drive our work:

  • Our children deserve an excellent education and our community is responsible for making it available.

  • Our community benefits from highly valued, successful public schools.

  • An informed public is important to successful public schools.

  • Vital schools depend on the support, interest, and involvement of the families and community they serve.

  • An independent community-based organization can help citizens contribute to their public schools and can build confidence in them.

  • Supporting teachers, who are at the core of the educational process, fosters educational success.


Contact us:


Reaching Heights Office: 

2843 Washington Blvd.

Cleveland Heights, OH 44118