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Join Us

There are so many rewarding ways to get involved in our schools. Let Reaching Heights help you find the right place. Whether you have an hour a week or a day to spare, our kids and community need you!


Volunteer opportunities include in-school tutoring through our Many Villages program located in each elementary, middle and high school; speaking to fifth graders as a Role Model; or joining the Board of Directors to provide essential support to our schools. 

To contact us about volunteering please complete the volunteer form and we will get back to you quickly!


show your appreciation

The Reaching Heights Thank-A-Teacher program recognizes teachers and fosters an atmosphere of appreciation. Parents and community members can pay tribute to a Heights teacher, coach, bus driver, principal, secretary, lunch aide, custodian, or school volunteer by making a $10 contribution to Reaching Heights in honor of that teacher. Reaching Heights puts these gifts to good use by funding grants to school-based teams for projects that make wonderful things happen for Cleveland Heights-University Heights students.  We also let the teacher’s principal or staff's supervisor and the superintendent know about the honor.  Thank a teacher today!


We are all Heights Tigers! Everyone in Cleveland Heights and University Heights has a stake in the success of our public schools. When we say, "I'm proud and grateful for the CH-UH schools," it sends a message to everyone in our community. Show your love.


We are funded by generous community members, local business owners, and small family foundations. We cannot offer our programs without this financial support. There are two music funds, in addition to our general fund, to which your donation can be allocated. The Patti-Jackson Music Lesson Scholarship fund provides scholarships for private music lessons. A $200 donation endows a chair in the name of a person or instrument. We are also accepting donations in memory of Monticello Middle School instrumental music teacher, Jeffrey Altonen. A donation to the Jeffrey Altonen Scholarship for Summer Music Camp helps ALL budding musicians attend Reaching Heights Summer Music Camp. 

Donations are tax-deductible and any amount is greatly appreciated. Donate today!

show up

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for parents, caregivers and community members to get involved with our schools. From interesting lectures to AMAZING musical performances, you won't want to miss out! Be sure to check out Reaching Heights' event calendar as well as the CH-UH district calendar often. Stay in the know by signing up for the Reaching Heights' e-newsletter as well!

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