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We encourage all residents of Cleveland Heights to carefully educate themselves on the upcoming March vote on a new tax levy of 7.9 mills, equating to approximately $8 million. This millage is due largely to the rapid, unsustainable expansion of EdChoice. If it were not for the way EdChoice was funded, the District would not be on the ballot until 2023, and the millage would be less. The levy will cost taxpayers approximately $23 per month - 76 cents per day - per $100,000 of home value. 

We are providing the following links to learn about our school system, and to fully understand the implications that this vote will mean for years to come.

At Reaching Heights, our mission is to keep our public schools strong and a source of great pride in our community. 

Tiger Nation Awesomeness

Frequently asked questions by chooseheights.org


Video (1:00) Heights High kickers (at 0:49) featured in Superbowl commercial

Video (4:28): CH-UH Early Childhood Program


EdChoice & School Funding Information

Video (7:48): EdChoice presentation by CH-UH district  


About Ohio Public School Funding by CH-UH district  


About EdChoice by CH-UH district  


February 10 event: School Funding in Ohio: The Possibilities and Challenges of Creating a Solution with Bill Phillis and Rep. John Patterson.   



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