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Back to School Means Fall Sports

Football is not the only fall sports that signal the start of back-to-school. If you enjoy watching students compete in athletics, then grab a blanket and a cushion and get ready to enjoy CH-UH School District fall sports seasons. Students training and preparing to compete in various fall sports would love to have members of the community cheer them on.

Heights High School: Along with an outstanding Varsity/Junior Varsity football team, Heights High School offers many other exciting sports including: Varsity/Junior Varsity Golf (Boys/Girls); Varsity/Junior Varsity Soccer (Boys/Girls); Varsity/Junior Varsity Girls Tennis; Varsity/Junior Varsity and Freshman Girls Volleyball; and Varsity Cross Country (Boys/Girls).

Middle School: Don’t think all the excitement is just at the high school. Heights Middle Schoolers compete in athletics as well. Check out the following middle school teams: Football; Boys/Girls Golf; Roxboro/Monticello Middle School Girls Tennis; Roxboro/Monticello Girls Volleyball (7th & 8th grade); Roxboro/Monticello Middle Coed Soccer; and Cross Country.

So, take a beautiful, crisp fall afternoon or evening and cheer on our Heights youth. For game schedules and information go to GO TIGERS!

Heights Girls' Soccer

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