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Many Villages Volunteer Kick-Off 2023-24

The annual Many Villages Kick-Off event took place on Wednesday, September 13th at the Coventry PEACE Building. Twenty-two of the Reaching Heights Volunteer Tutors and Many Village Coordinators joined the Reaching Heights staff to get to know each other and learn more about the Many Villages Tutoring program. All seven of the CH-UH elementary schools has a “village” of tutoring volunteers led by a coordinator who is also a village tutor.

Attendees enjoyed lunch while listening to a program update. This year, the program is very much like it has been with small changes in check-in procedures. Volunteers must present a photo identification card to security at the entrance of each building even if the volunteer has completed a full background check. Volunteers are again required to complete and submit a CHUH Volunteer Form at each building where they will volunteer. Background checks are required for all volunteers for the Many Villages Tutoring program since they will meet with students on a regular basis. These last five years and cost $26.

After the update, attendees asked questions and then shared the reasons they choose to tutor. They said, “I want to give back,” “I love to see the progress made by our youngest students,” “I get as much from the students as I give to them.” Many Village tutors shared stories about how the children inspire them to continue to come back every year. One tutor said she loves it when “students recognize me out in the community, like at the grocery store or the library.” Another tutor explained, “I don’t have young children in my life much anymore so this is really fun!”

More volunteers are needed to join the current villages of volunteers in each building. New coordinators are needed at Canterbury and Oxford. Coordinators welcome new tutors, give them a brief training, and assign them a classroom based on the volunteers’ schedules.

To learn more about the Many Villages Tutoring Program visit and contact Jen Holland, Reaching Heights Program Manager at or 216-932-5110.

2023-2024 Many Village Coordinators:

Susie Kaeser - Boulevard Elementary

Jen Holland (interim) – Canterbury Elementary

Diana Danner- Fairfax Elementary

Josh Mendel - Gearity Elementary

Pam Bertaud - Noble Elementary

Krista Hawthorne (interim) - Oxford Elementary

Tina Emancipator - Roxboro Elementary

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