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Meet Lisa Hunt, Heights Schools Family Engagement Specialist

Lisa Hunt is the Family Engagement Specialist for the CH-UH City School District. Her role is to ensure families and staff are working as partners in education. She strongly believes in this work and is passionate about “helping build capacity to support students in their learning and development.”

Ms. Hunt looks at the whole picture when it comes to family engagement. In a typical week, she can be found working with district leaders or strategizing with building principals on effective engagement strategies. Hunt also helps to support district parent groups, like PTA, Kindernet, and the Exceptional Children’s Advocacy Group to help them increase engagement and ensure all families are welcomed and represented in leadership and school-based decision-making. Additionally, Hunt helps coordinate the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) framework, which is best known as Epstein’s Six Types of Involvement, a research-based approach to organizing engagement based on student data. Approaching this work each year with an understanding of the student’s families and schools' needs allows Hunt to work collaboratively in assisting each school identify strategies that will be most effective.

Ms. Hunt works closely with Nancy Peppler, the District Supervisor of Community and School Partnerships. Together they work on Goal 3 of the District’s Strategic Plan to welcome families and communities as partners in student achievement and school improvement. Working in all the buildings and interacting with staff and families from across the district allows her to see the uniqueness of each building and their communities. Ms. Hunt says the most enjoyable part of her job is “the amazing people inside and outside of our buildings that I get to work with every day.” One of her goals is to continue to see the District build its family engagement practice as it relates to student success and school improvement.

Lisa Hunt is a Heights alumna (’88) and she received her Master’s in Non-Profit Administration and Leadership from Cleveland State University. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious as she advocates and realizes projects large and small. It is clear that she puts great passion and deep thought into all of her work. As a mom of two young adult sons, Lisa loves to spend time with her sons and family. When she is not working on family engagement she says she can be found “dancing and belting out the lyrics to my favorite songs!”

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