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O'Dasha Blue is More Than a Heights High Chemistry Teacher

O’Dasha Blue loves the sciences. With a Bachelor of Chemistry from Xavier University and a Master of Education from the Ohio State University, Mrs. Blue has taught Physical Sciences, General Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and AP Chemistry at Heights High for the past 10 years.

Mrs. Blue grew up in Cleveland Heights and said, "When I went into education, teaching at Heights was always my dream job. Since I never saw people that looked like me with a passion for the sciences growing up, I wanted to change that narrative for my students.”

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Blue is an advisor to the Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN), a national organization whose mission is to understand and change school practices and structures that keep racial achievement gaps in place. She was on the leadership team that planned the National MSAN conference hosted by the CHUH City School District in 2018. “My work with MSAN has helped me to help our students become the change that they want to see and to teach them how to be a voice and activist for the things that they are passionate about."

Her work with MSAN motivated her to become a member of University Heights Citizens Advisory Committee on Policing Policies. “After the death of George Floyd, I realized that I cannot teach my students about being a voice without being one myself.”

Mrs. Blue was honored for her work on the University Heights Citizens Advisory Committee on Policing Policies when she was named 2020 University Heights Citizen of the Year. And, she was recognized again for her teaching career when she was named the 2021 University Heights Teacher of the Year.

O’Dasha Blue is another highly qualified and accomplished member of the school staff at Cleveland Heights High School. She says that she is right where she wants to be. “I am blessed to go to work every day and love what I do.”

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