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Part-Time Job Opening: Community Engagement Coordinator

Join the staff of Reaching Heights to recruit and train community volunteers and interact with school staff to provide in-school enrichment programs and community engagement events for the CH-UH public schools. 25 hours per week, 10 months per year from August through May, $18 per hour with 3 weeks of paid time off.

Ideal candidate is:

· a public-school advocate who has volunteered with the CH-UH schools recently

· adept in and enjoys event planning and social media marketing

· an excellent communicator who can work well with a variety of people

· organized, detail-oriented, and has strong follow-through skills

· proficient in Word and Excel or Google equivalents

Send a cover letter, resume, and two references to

Reaching Heights is a non-profit whose mission is to mobilize community resources to foster highly valued public schools that provide all Cleveland Heights-University Heights students a successful education. Learn more at

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