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Reaching Musical Heights

March 5, 2019

Vocal and instrumental students from Cleveland Heights High School perform at the Reaching Musical Heights concert the stage of Severance Hall. Photo by Carl M. Jenks carlmjenksphotography.com

The Reaching Musical Heights concert filled Severance Hall on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 with more than 550 student musicians in grades 3 though 12 who performed vocal and instrumental pieces for an adoring audience.

"This remarkable event is amazing to see and hear, even if you are not a family member or friend of a performer," said Susie Kaeser, former executive director of Reaching Heights. "It is an inspirational community celebration of excellent music education in the CH-UH public schools."    

Every four years since 2003, Reaching Heights coordinates this formal event in partnership with the school district. The elementary students lifted their voices as one large choir. The Heights Middle School choir, band, and strings also performed. The high school showcased Singers, a Capella Choir, Barbershoppers, Symphony, Symphonic Winds, and Jazz Ensemble. The Gospel Choir, a school club, also performed.

“It's an absolute delight to see how the music program from the elementary schools through the high school really excites and stimulates the creativity of our kids," said Pam Kelly, a cellist and parent of a student musician. "It's also a real treat to have students in all those grades participate in such a grand event together. We live in a very special district, and I am thankful that the arts are still so strong and treasured, and inspiring so many young students and their families.”


During Reaching Musical Heights, CH-UH students from across the district

demonstrate the power of music to unite, transform and celebrate.

Photos by Carl M. Jenks  carlmjenksphotography.com

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